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Where to Find Cheap Apartments Near Me in Islamabad?

Where to Find Cheap Apartments Near Me in Islamabad?

People are usually looking for cheap apartments as they travel in Pakistan from city to city. It may be because of work, a family event, etc. However, the trouble people face is that they don’t know where to look for cheap apartments on such short notice! This is where Mezban steps in and helps you out!

Apartments have always been the enticing option for people always on the go, or people on short visits, or for those who don’t prefer to live in big houses. And what better option is there than to find an affordable apartment that you can live in for as long as you need!

The following are the steps you can take to find an apartment for yourself immediately. 


  • Start Researching


If you’re constantly asking people’ how can I find cheap apartments near me,’ we urge you to do thorough research in what sector they want to move in. Renters looking for cheap apartments will be able to find them in sectors such as G-11. People who want to spend more to accommodate their lifestyle can find apartments near them in sectors such as F-11, E-7 to E-11.


  • What sector do you want to live in?


While the features you want in an apartment are specific to you and your lifestyle, there are several basic things you need to look out for. Finding a cheap apartment near you, be it either a 1-bedroom or a 2-bedroom, you need to consider a few factors to before making a deal on an apartment:

  1.     Price

Avoid looking at apartments that are outside your budget. Landlords are unlikely to discount the rent, and you’ll end up either overspending or not get the apartment you desire. Set a firm number and look for places that fall within the budget.

  1.     Location

Location is the most important factor to consider when buying a house or an apartment as it affects the price of the property you are buying or renting. One of the favorable things about apartment buildings is that they are developed in desirable areas, containing all the necessary facilities.

  1.     Security

The next important thing you should be concerned about is, does the area have security? Not only should an apartment be in a safe neighborhood, but landlords should also make an effort to make their tenants feel safe inside. Proper locks on doors and security are a must.

  1.     Low Maintenance Cost

Another considerable thing to factor in when living in an apartment is the maintenance cost. When living in apartment buildings and complexes, the maintenance is taken care of by the landlord or the developer. If something goes wrong, you can immediately call the maintenance team from the building to come up and fix the issue immediately.

  1.     Cheaper Utilities

You are likely to pay less for the gas, water and electricity bills depending on the size of your apartment. Apartments usually do come with additional charges such as security or hallway maintenance. But the overall living cost of an apartment is still cheaper than a big house.

  1.     Commuting

Another thing to consider while looking for apartments: is it closer to your work, university or the family house you have to visit? Choosing to live in an apartment that is closer to the destination that you have to go to is better. How? Well for starters, less time spent in traffic and peace of mind as you won’t have to worry about being late to your destination.

Is the location or price important to you?

Before you get an apartment, ask yourself: What’s more important, location or price? If you say location, beware that the rent prices in sectors such as F-11, E-7 to E-11, etc., are high and you don’t necessarily get a lot of space for your money. However, renting in prime neighborhoods of Islamabad can be easier and more affordable if you add a roommate to the mix. If you are really set on renting in a more pricey neighborhood, getting a roommate to share the rent and utility costs can reduce costs significantly.

If you chose price, the sectors to look in for cheap apartments such as one-bedroom or a 2-bedroom apartment are G-11, E-11, I-9 to I-11. These sectors are the ideal locations to rent an apartment in. Not only do these sectors are safe but they conveniently located near all the required necessities one needs.

Gather Your Down Payment

Many landlords require you to pay a down payment along with a security deposit to one month’s rent. While you won’t need to give a landlord a security deposit until you sign the lease, it is always a good idea to keep the amount saved up in your bank account. That way, you won’t lose out a potentially perfect apartment to a better-prepared renter.

Do a Walk-Through

Don’t sign that lease just yet. After everything checks out and you’re happy with the apartment, location, and landlord, you should do a final walk-through before signing on the dotted line. Because previous tenants may have caused damage or maintenance issues, you need to be sure that you won’t be responsible for any issues that weren’t your fault.

Come prepared and check for the following:

  1.       Turn on lights, ceiling fans, exhaust fans, faucets, and flush toilets throughout the apartment to make sure they all function properly.
  2.       Open and close, lock and unlock doors and windows.
  3.       Turn on all included appliances to make sure they’re working.
  4.       Examine floors and walls for any type of damage.
  5.       Ask the landlord questions i.e., When was the last renovation? Have there ever been any issues with the electric, the heat, etc.?

Benefits of Renting a One-Bedroom Apartment

Our parents have taught us from a young age that it’s important to share. Sometimes, however, it’s nice to have space just for you.

That’s why renting a one-bedroom apartment is such a great option for those who would like to have their own private sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the world. After a long day at the office, coming home to your own space with peace and quiet can be just what the doctor ordered.

Everything in the apartment is yours and all of the decisions about how it looks and functions are up to you.

Having the extra square footage that comes with a one-bedroom apartment truly makes the space feel like a home – one that you can be proud of and make your own in any way you see fit.

Having a living room also means you can invest in a pull-out couch so visiting family members will have a place to stay when they are in town.

With a one-bedroom apartment, it’s much easier to set up your workstation in an area that is away from your more personal items. Even if you work from home, it’s still necessary to have a healthy work/life balance.

What to Consider When Looking for a Two-Bedroom Apartment?

It might seem unreasonable to rent a two-bedroom apartment if you are living on your own but the options will open up to you with that extra bedroom will be worth it.

Have family coming in to visit? Unexpected guests that need somewhere to stay? Come to the rescue with your second bedroom as their home away from home. Don’t worry about going overboard with furnishing the room – a simple bed will suffice along with a spare table and chair. Having the option of giving friends and family members a comfortable place to stay is perfect for those who have had to move away from home for school or work.

It’s important to keep your living situation in mind when searching for your two-bedroom abode—especially if another person will also call it home. Whether you are moving in with a friend or family or plan on searching for a roommate online, you will want to find an apartment with “roommate friendly features” and a layout that gives everyone their space and privacy.

Start by making a list of apartment features that would make two people happy and comfortable. For example, if you are not comfortable sharing a bathroom, write down two separate bathrooms on the top of your must-have list. In the case where you happen to be a light sleeper or work schedule that has you working late into the night, find a floorplan that doesn’t share a wall between the two bedrooms.

Living with someone else, even if it’s your better half, is all about compromise. And the more you’re able to talk things through as a team, the happier your home will be.

This article will help you out with managing your budget when living with someone else.

Furnished Apartments

Furnished apartments are usually equipped with furniture, basic kitchen appliances and tableware, bathroom necessities such as a shower curtain, a washer/dryer set, and possibly a few other amenities. The exact items will vary depending on the landlord and what kind of place you’re renting.

Although furnished apartments obviously cost more than unfurnished apartments, the amount of time saved may be worth it. Moving in will probably be easier since all you really need to bring are your own personal belongings. Furnished apartments also come in handy in terms of practicality and lease life.

Furnished apartments are excellent for professionals who are constantly traveling and don’t stay in one place for too long. You won’t have to do such a big move for a place you’ll be staying at for a few months.

However, the rent and the security deposit will be higher as the price of the furniture will be built into the rent. A large amount of security deposit being demanded will be to ensure the protection of the valuable furniture.

If you have the finances, you can always look into renting small homes.

Benefits of Renting an Apartment vs. Staying at a Hotel

In Pakistan, traveling to different cities for work, events or visiting family or friends has become a trend. However, renting apartments instead of staying at hotels has not. Renting apartments are much more beneficial for people, especially for those who have stayed in the city for more than a week.

  1.     Lower Costs

If you are staying in the city for a week or more, it’s better to rent an apartment as it is much cheaper than staying at a hotel.

  1.     Nicer Location

The majority of the hotels are developed and located in commercial areas, limiting you to highways and fast-food chain restaurants. When you are renting an apartment, you are choosing the area and the neighborhood.

  1.     Better Amenities

Although hotels do provide housekeeping and room services, furnished apartments have private washing machines, dryers, and a well-equipped kitchen. If you don’t mind cleaning up your own mess, you can use the kitchen to make your food or invite people over for a meal.

A Few Tips to Know About Finding Apartments Online for Rent

  •  Check out listings with pictures – if you see a listing with minimal pictures or no pictures at all move on. Minimal or non-existent pictures is a red flag.
  • Check out listings with clear terms – things like the rent amount, security deposit amount, what utilities (if any) are included, and unit and community amenities should all be listed in the advertisement.
  • Be on the lookout for scams – Scammers prey on apartment hunters; don’t be a victim. If an apartment seems too good to be true it probably is. You need to keep your guard up for these red flags.
  • Sending money, sight unseen – If the ‘landlord’ wants you to send over money before you see the unit, that is a red flag. This apartment may not exist, and the person may take your money and run.
  • They require an extremely high-security deposit and fees – Typically, the security is equivalent to one month’s rent. If the landlord wants four times that amount, that should be setting off alarm bells for you.

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