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Terms & Conditions

Thank you for using Mazebaan.

These terms form an agreement between the user and Mazebaan relating to one’s access and use of

These Terms and Conditions are intended to the parties to the agreement only with no partnership or any joint venture arising out of the agreement between the parties.

If any provision of the Terms and Condition is held to be invalid or unenforceable that provision will alone be struck with no effect on the enforceability of the remaining provisions.

When these terms and conditions mention words like  “Mazebaan”, “we” or “our” it refers to the Mazebaan company the users are making an agreement with.

The hosts  are solely  responsible for identifying and complying with all the laws and rules that apply to their listings.

“ In order to comply with the law and prevent any fraud or legal mishap, the guests must at all times carry their CNICs(Computerized National Identity Cards) and other legal documents(if required) to prove and verify their identities to the hosts at Check-in and it is the sole responsibility of the hosts to ask for and check the CNICs and other legal documents(if required) of the guests to verify the identities at Check-in.”


About and Modifications

Mazebaan is an online public-steered marketplace that allows registered users  to publish their host services on in the form of listings and to communicate one on one with users that are looking to book such host services. Host services include the offering of  accomodations in the forms of vacation or other types of properties.

Mazebaan does not own, create, control or manage any of the listings and neither is Mazebaan a real estate broker or related to it. Hosts alone are responsible for their listings and host services. When users make a booking they  enter into a contract with each other. Mazebaan is not a party to  any contract based relationship between its users.

Mazebaan does not become a guarantor to the existence, quality or safety of any listings,  the accuracy of the descriptions, the ratings and reviews or the ethical conduct including the trustworthiness of the other user by not endorsing any individual. The users are advised to be careful while booking an accommodation, accepting a booking or communicating with other members.

The relationship of the members with Mazebaan is solely limited as being an independent and not an employee partner of Mazebaan, working only for one’s own benefit. By posting the listings on, the members agree that they have complete discretion whether to list host services or not.

Being an online platform, Mazebaan does not guarantee a completely uninterrupted accessibility of the website and may also  restrict the access to the website to carry out certain maintenance measures to ensure  improved functioning of the website as Mazebaan will improve and modify the website from time to time.

Mazebaan reserves all  the right to modify these Terms and Conditions.


Account Registration

The users need to register an account in order to access certain features of which include the publishing and booking aof listings.

Users need to provide accurate and complete information during the registration process and keep their information up-to-date in their profiles.

The users should not register more than one account on unless authorized to do so by Mazebaan.

The users should refrain from assigning their account to another party since the users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of their account credentials.


Information and Content

Mazebaan can allow its members to create, upload, post, send, receive and store content like text, photos and other materials and information on and via the website.

Mazebaan can access this information and any content that Mazebaan itself makes available including proprietary content of Mazebaan.

The users agree that, including all the associated intellectual property rights, is solely the property of Mazebaan. The users will not alter or remove any copyright, trademark  or any other proprietary rights notices incorporated in the website.

All the trademarks, logos and the other source identifiers of Mazebaan used on are the registered trademarks of Mazebaan.

By posting, sending, receiving, storing, or any other means making available any content of the member on the website, the user grants Mazebaan a license to the information  to access, store, modify, distribute, transmit, broadcast, and otherwise exploit in any manner the content to  promote on any media or platform.

Without the specific consent of the user, Mazebaan does not claim any ownership rights over the content of members and nothing in the Terms and Conditions will be deemed to restrict any rights that the user may have to exploit the content of members.

The users are solely responsible for the content of members that one makes available on The users likewise represent themselves as the sole owner of the provided information and having all the rights.

The users are not allowed to post or transmit any content of members that is fraudulent, misleading, defamatory, pornographic, vulgar,offensive, threatening, promotes violence, illegal or harmful activities or violates Mazebaan’s policies.

Mazebaan can deny the access to any member violating the terms, even without prior notice.


Service Fees

Mazebaan charges fees to the hosts and guests in return for their use of the

The applicable service fees, including any applicable Taxes, are displayed to the guests before booking a listing. Mazebaan reserves with itself all the right to change the service fees at any period of time,however, such changes in the fee will not be applicable on any bookings made prior to the effective date of the service fee change.

The users must pay the service fees  owed to Mazebaan. The applicable service fees including all the applicable taxes are collected by Mazebaan which deducts the host fees from the listing price before remitting the payout to the host by Mazebaan.

The guest fees are included in the total amount collected by Mazebaan.


Terms Specific for Hosts

When creating a listing on the host should provide complete and authentic information and mark clearly the restrictions and requirements applicable on guests and  provide any other relevant information required.

The placement of the listings in search results on may depend on factors like the search location and preferences price, availability, quality of Images, ratings and the type of host required by the guest.

The  graphical content used in the listings must aptly portray the condition of the host services provided. Mazebaan reserves the right to require the listings having a minimum number of Images and a certain format and resolution.

When the host approves a booking request by a guest one enters into an agreement with the guest and is required to provide the services mentioned in the listing when the booking request is made.

The hosts must set a price for their listings which cannot be altered once a guest requests a booking of the host’s listing.

The user must also keep the listing up-to-date at all times, including the calendar and pricing.

“The hosts must ask for and check the CNIC and other legal documents(if required) of the guests to verify the identities at Check-in.”


Terms specific for Guests

By completing the requirements of Mazebaan and the host, the guest can book an accommodation listed on by following the booking process. The total fees including the service charges will be displayed before the confirmation.

An agreement is formed between the guest and the host after the confirmation. Mazebaan will collect the total fees at the time of the booking confirmation.

The confirmed booking is a limited license granted to the guest by the host to use the accommodation for the duration of the stay as per the booking, during which time the host has the right to enter the accommodation as per the agreement.

The guest cannot  bring any additional individuals unless one was added as an additional guest during the booking process on

The guest has to leave the accommodation no later than the checkout time that is specified by the host.

“The guests must carry their CNICs and other legal documents(if required) to prove and verify their identities to the hosts at Check-in.”


Prohibited Activities

The users are solely responsible for the compliance with  all the rules and regulations that apply to the use of

The users of are not allowed to use the website for any other commercial purposes, access the personal information of other members, offer accommodations owned by others without the consent, make or accept the payments in person outside the platform provided by Mazebaan, discriminate amongst the members on any ethical or other related basis and exchange information (like phone numbers) other than the relevant information about the booking before the confirmation of the booking.

Mazebaan has all the rights to deny the access of any users violating these terms and conditions.


Ratings and Reviews

After the completion of the stay, both the guests and hosts can submit a public review along with a star rating for each other.

The ratings and reviews must be authentic and clear of offensive language and remarks.

The ratings and reviews reflect the personal opinions of the members and not that of Mazebaan.


Damage to the accommodations

The guests must leave the accommodation in the condition as of that at check-in.

The guests are responsible for their acts and omissions and the host has the right to claim the damage with mutual agreement defined at check-in.



The users agree of the possibility  that some or any host experience may involve certain risks like illness or other body injuries in any of the hosting services and by participating in the host services the users agree to assume those possible risks voluntarily.

In case of any infant brought along, the users are solely responsible for the supervision throughout the stay.

The users are solely responsible for the choices made before, during and after the participation in any experience and the users agree to hold Mazebaan harmless from any liabilities.

The users agree that any risks arising out of any experience with or via Mazebaan solely lies with the users with no involvement of or liability on Mazebaan.

Mazebaan will by no means be liable for any kind of social, emotional, mental, financial or any other kind of damage arising out of or related to any of the Terms and Conditions or with the experiences related to or via Mazebaan.

The users agree to hold Mazebaan harmless from any claims, liabilities, damages, losses, and expenses, including legal and accounting fees arising out of the violations of the Terms and Conditions and policies or with the improper use of Mazebaan  including the interaction with any host or guest and the arising damages and losses.

“ In order to comply with the law and prevent any fraud or legal mishap, the guests must at all times carry their CNICs and other legal documents(if required) to prove and verify their identities to the hosts at Check-in and it is the sole responsibility of the hosts to ask for and check the CNICs and other legal documents(if required) of the guests to verify the identities at Check-in.”



Mazebaan welcomes the feedback from its users for improvements on The feedback of the users will be non-confidential and non-proprietary and Mazebaan will have the right to the materials without any compensation.