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Payment Policy

Thank you for using Mazebaan.

The Payment Policy pertains to the user and Mazebaan relating to one’s access and use of

If any provision of the Payment Policy is held to be invalid or unenforceable that provision will alone be struck with no effect on the enforceability of the remaining provisions.

These terms are intended to the parties to the agreement only with no partnership or any joint venture arising out of the agreement between the parties.

When the Payment Policy uses words like  “Mazebaan”, “we” or “our” it refers to the Mazebaan company.


About and Modifications

Mazebaan provides payments services to its users which includes collection, payments and payouts through with relation to the free listings on the website.

Mazebaan offers multiple easy and secure payment gateways to its customers to ensure secure money transfers to the hosts by the guests therefore,  the users are advised to always pay through Mazebaan and refrain from wiring the money or paying someone directly outside Mazebaan in any manner or by any means outside Mazebaan.

Mazebaan may at times restrict the availability of the payment services in order to carry out maintenance measures to ensure the proper functioning of the payment services or to improve the services as Mazebaan may modify them from time to time.

The use of certain payments members may require the user to accept some additional terms and conditions.

Mazebaan reserves the rights to make inquiries to help verify the identity or prevent fraudulent cases.

Mazebaan reserves all  the right to modify the Privacy Policy.


Account Registration

In order to use the payment services, the users must have an account on which if closed for any reason will restrict the user from these services.

Users need to provide accurate and complete information during the registration process and keep their information up-to-date in their profiles.

The users should not register more than one account on unless authorized to do so by Mazebaan.

The users should refrain from assigning their account to another party since the users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of their account credentials.


Payment Methods

When the users add the payment method on, they will  have to provide the required billing information like the name, billing address, and etc.

The users must provide accurate and complete information while adding the payment method and are obliged to keep the payment method and the details updated. The information required for the payment method may include the residential address, name and type of the account, account number, email address, ID number and other account information associated with the payment method.

The users are solely responsible for the authenticity and completeness of  the payment method and the associated information.

Mazebaan has the right  to store the payment method information of the users.


Terms for Hosts

Mazebaan will collect the total fees from the guests when the booking request is accepted by the host.

In order to receive the payments the users must have a valid payment linked with as Mazebaan will initiate the user transactions process to that particular account after 24 hours of the guest’s scheduled check-in time.

The hosts will receive the payments within  1 to 5 working days after 24 hours of the guest’s scheduled check-in time.

The time it takes to receive payments once released by  Mazebaan can  depend on the payout method selected by the user.

The payments received by the hosts for a booking will be the listing fee minus the host Fees and taxes.


Terms for Guests

The users of Mazebaan authorise the latter  to charge the user the total fees for the booking requested through

Mazebaan offers multiple options for the  manner of payment to its guests for the ease of users. Different  terms and conditions along with some perks may apply for the use of one payment option over the other.

The guests will receive a confirmation email after  the payment transaction for the  requested booking is successfully completed.


Prohibited Activities

The users are solely responsible for the compliance with  all the rules and regulations that apply to the use of

The users of are not allowed to use the payment methods provided by Mazebaan for any other commercial purposes, take actions that hinder the performance of the payment methods, and violate the rights of other users by any means.

Mazebaan has all the rights to deny the access of any users violating the terms of Payment Policy.



When the users use the payment services provided by Mazebaan the are at their own sole risk  without any kind of warranty from Mazebaan.

The guests should refrain from paying outside Mazebaan as it may also put the customer bookings at risk.

In case of any unethical text by any of the users to the other, not only but especially regarding to “Paying Outside Mazebaan”, the user should be reported to Mazebaan by the other in order to prevent any financial or ethical mishap. Mazebaan reserves the rights to suspend the listings or bookings of the user in any such case.

Mazebaan has the right to  conduct identity verification on any of the members, to the extent permitted by the law.

The users  agree that any risk arising out of their use of the payment services remains with the users only.

Mazebaan will not be liable for any damages,lost profits, loss of data, service, interruption, system or for any damages for any injury as a result of the Payments Policy.

If Mazebaan is unable to collect any amounts owed to it by the users under the Payment Policy, Mazebaan has the right to engage in collection activities and efforts to recover the payments.

The users agree that all communication related to the payments owed will be made by Email or phone, as provided on



Mazebaan welcomes the feedback from its users for improvements on The feedback of the users will be non-confidential and non-proprietary and Mazebaan will have the right to the materials without any compensation.

Refund Policy