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Pakistan’s First and Only Lodging Company

Pakistan’s First and Only Lodging Company

You are missing out!

Yes, that’s right. If you haven’t started exploring Pakistan yet, you will be astonished to see what Pakistan has to offer. From mighty stretches of Karakorams in North to the sparkling River Indus, Pakistan is known as the land of adventure and nature.

While planning for a vacation can be an overwhelming task, with many elements to keep in mind. Managing your finances, packing the right stuff, and traveling, all of these preparations can be hectic. However, choosing the right place to stay can be the most important decision to make your experience worth the preparations.

Precisely why selecting the perfect place to spend your vacation is highly important. At Mazebaan, we offer several temporary residence options with multiple easy payment options to help you decide the best hotel according to your comfort and budget.

Let’s see what Pakistan’s first and only lodging company has to offer.

Lahore Hotel Booking

Lahore is one of the most popular cities in Pakistan for its array of tourist activities. The options are endless, from seeing historical sites and stunning mosques to a variety of restaurants and public parks.

Historical places like Lahore Fort, Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore Museum, and Shalamar Garden attract many tourists from worldwide to visit Lahore and explore the historical sites. Religious sites such as Badshahi Mosque and Wazir Khan Mosque bring thousands of Muslims and even tourists to witness the magnificent architecture.

Not to mention, Anarkali Bazaar and M M Alam Road offer a great shopping experience and top restaurants that serve delicious food Lahore has to offer.

With so much to offer, Lahore is a must-visit destination. Simply put, anyone who hasn’t seen Lahore hasn’t simply lived. While finding a perfect place should be the top priority, hotel booking in Lahore can be confusing with so many options to choose from.

Mazebaan offers Lahore hotel booking through our website. From Gulberg Town to DHA Phase 1, you can find hotels, apartments, and even single rooms to stay anywhere in Lahore. And more importantly, you can find a place according to your budget. The rooms range from 1500 PKR/day to as high as 25,000 PKR/day, so you can choose as per your budget and liking.

Murree Hotel Booking

Talking about tourist spots, Murree is preferably one of the most famous hill resorts in Pakistan. Murree attracts many tourists due to its scenic vistas of pine and oak trees, mountainous backdrop, beautiful valleys, and cold atmosphere.

As soon as the scorching summer approaches, a large number of visitors and adventure-seekers from across the country and abroad visit Murree. Apart from the scenic beauty, Murree offers many popular places to visit.

Pindi Point, Mall Road, Kashmir Point, Sangrela and Chhattar Park, and Bhurban are some of the notable places to visit while you are visiting Murree. To top it up, Patriata Chair Lift is one of the favorite activities you can do.

However, being the most famous hill station in Pakistan, it is challenging to find a place to live. Not only does the hotel’s booking quickly finish, but choosing a hotel that keeps you warm in the cold breezes is very important.

Mazebaan offers online hotel booking in Pakistan so that you can pre-book a hotel before arriving at Murree. This saves you a lot of time as well as trouble to stand in a Que. We offer Murree Hotel Booking at an economical price without any hidden charges. You can book a single room to a luxury villa or family suite through our lodging company and enjoy your vacation without any worries.

Kalam Hotel Booking

Situated into the Swat Valley of Pakistan, Kalam holds some of the notable places that capture millions of tourist’s attention.

Pristine views of Gabral hill station, tall trees of Ushu forest, and fascinating Kandol and Mahodand Lake are spots Kalam offers that leave the visitors in awe. Kalam also has a beautiful picnic point named Utror, surrounded by mountains covered with snow and Kundol Lake. The place serves as a great place to relax, and the vicinity is worth seeing.

But before you visit Kalam, booking a hotel in Kalam before your arrival is a smart decision to help you avoid all the hassle. Kalam hotel booking can be easily made through Mazebaan lodging company with various categories of residence available. Rooms and family suites are available for two, three, and even for families to spend their vacations.

Naran Hotel Booking

Naran and Kaghan are two beautiful towns located in the Mansehra district that attracts thousands of people, including tourists, photographers, trekkers, and nature-lovers to the place.

Naran Kaghan Valley’s journey gives a charming welcome to the visitor with exquisite views of the Himalayan Mountains and passing through sparkling water streams.

Naran has a lot of natural sites to offer. Among the top attractions is Saif-ul-Malool lake. The lake is hidden in between the mighty Himalayas and offers mesmerizing beauty and an unforgettable view. Lulusar Lake, Babusar Top, Lalazar, Ansoo Lake, Siri Paye Meadows are some of the amazing destinations Naran promises.

Moreover, enthusiasts can experience hiking and see animals such as foxes, black bears, hawks, and marmots. To top it up, tourists can enjoy the Queen of Lakes’ magnificent views in Pakistan-Dudipatsar Lake.

With so many places to visit, it is essential to pick a place to stay close to your destinations. Mazebaan offers Naran Hotel booking online through which you can select a hotel, pay online and reserve your booking for all the nights you plan to stay. You can find places anywhere in Naran, so it is up to you which hotel might be the best for you.

Islamabad Hotel Booking

Pakistan’s capital city is a must-visit place. Even if you plan to go towards the northern side, there is a high probability that you will pass through Islamabad. While Islamabad does not have the natural beauty like the north, there are many cultural heritage sites that show Pakistan’s culture.

The Pakistan Monument is among the top tourist attractions that symbolize the unification and solidarity of the nation. Moreover, LokVirsa Museum, Saidpur village, Daman-e-Koh Park, Rawal Lake, and Margalla Hills attract people around the globe to visit the place.

Not to mention the Faisal Mosque- one of the most iconic structures in Islamabad. Muslims from all over the country visit Islamabad just to see the magnificent mosque that is known to accommodate around a quarter million worshippers.

While the capital is full of exquisite places to visit, finding a temporary residence is challenging. Although Islamabad has many guest rooms to offer, finding a room situated in the middle of the city at an economical price is extremely hard. Mazebaan offers online hotel booking throughout Pakistan that can help you find what you are looking for.

Hotel Booking without Credit Card

Many hotel booking sites in Pakistan accept Credit cards as the only payment method. While a credit card can be a safe and secure payment method, not everyone has access to a credit card. This makes online hotel booking in Pakistan inaccessible to many people.

Mazebaan offers hotel booking without a credit card. We accept payments from JazzCash or EasyPaisa that are widely used by people all across Pakistan. This makes sure that every individual can plan their vacations at home and book their hotel through digitized booking.

Tips To Book a Hotel in Pakistan

While booking a hotel online is very convenient, there are a lot of things to look into before actually deciding to pay. This section highlights some of the important tips to book a hotel in Pakistan.

Always Decide your Budget First:

Managing your finances while traveling is very important so that you don’t end up spending too much. Allocating a budget to your residence can make certain you don’t book an expensive hotel.

Decide Facilities to Look for:

The more you pay, the more facilities you get. However, it is important to know what facilities are more important to you when traveling with a limited budget. For example, if you plan to travel to the north, getting a heater in the room is much more important than an air conditioner.

Contact the Hotel Directly:

Contacting the Hotel directly to know what facilities are available in the packages they offer can help you avoid false advertisement. Many hotel booking sites in Pakistan advertise falsely to attract customers. This can be avoided if you directly ask the hotel’s staff.

Always look for Reviews:

Knowing as much as possible about the hotel is the best strategy. And there is no better way than reading what the people who stayed in the hotel have to say.

Comparing Prices:

People often see a great hotel at affordable prices and quickly book the hotel before doing proper research. Without doing research, you could be missing out on big saving and outstanding facilities that other hotels have to offer.
See if your Credit Card Offer Discount: Credit cards sometimes offer discounts on rooms in hotels. Checking these discounts can save you money and get you a good offer for your entire vacation.

Mazebaan is Pakistan’s first and only lodging company that offers temporary residence from single rooms to family suites and villas. We aim to smoothen interaction between the host and traveler and deliver the best residence based on reviews and customer feedback. Our hosts are verified, and payment methods are secure to ensure that you can book hotels without worrying.

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