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Online Hotel Booking | Ultimate Guide 2021

Online Hotel Booking | Ultimate Guide 2021

Gone are those days where you had to spend hours searching for hotels on your vacation trip. With the digital era on the rise, online hotel booking has opened new gates to easy and convenient accommodation arrangements.

Stats show that 75% of people on average book their hotels online before starting their journey. With customer behavior rapidly changing in the travel industry, this number is expected to rise.

With more and more people booking their hotels online, street travel agents’ need is decreasing steadily. Companies that provide lodging services on the internet are becoming much more valuable and reliable. Precisely why getting an idea of how online hotel booking work is a must.

How does online hotel booking work?

Companies like Mazebaan offer lodging services for local and international travelers. The booking process is very simple and straightforward.

The first step is to find trustworthy and reliable hotel booking sites. You can ask friends, relatives or even search online. The more known and reputable the site is the better accommodations, deals, and service it provides.

The first thing you need to do when you get into the booking site is to enter the details of the place you want to get a hotel. The booking site usually asks for the location, check-in and check-out date, and the number of guests you want the room for. Once the information is filled in, the website displays rooms according to the information. Hotels reviews and photos are showed on the website to help you make the right decision.

You need to go through all the hotels listed by the booking website and select the best one according to your needs and budget. Make sure you read through all the facilities available before making the payment.

Once you have selected the right hotel for you, you can proceed to pay and reserve the rooms for yourself. Almost all of the booking sites accept payment through credit and debit cards, so you can enter your card details and pay through the website quickly. Once you have paid, you receive a message/email confirming your reservations.

                                     And you have booked a hotel without even moving a muscle!

Where to book cheap hotels online?

Mazebaan is Pakistan’s first and only lodging company that helps travelers book cheap hotel rooms online. The website offers a clean and easy-to-use interface for users with many filters to sort out the perfect accommodation for themselves.

Mazebaan offers a wide range of accommodation with a healthy mix of hotels, apartments, and hostels. The prices and facilities can vary for each hotel and whether it is a good or a bad choice depends entirely on your preference. With a lot of great accommodation options, you can choose freely based on your needs and requirements.

How to find and book cheap hotel rooms?

You can find and book cheap hotel rooms online if you follow these guidelines.

Most of the expensive hotels have such a high cost due to the location. Hotels that have prime locations and are close to tourist spots are typically costly and have higher demand. The better the location, the higher they are likely to charge you. Choosing a hotel that is a little far away from a tourist spot and doesn’t have a lot of demand can be booked at affordable prices.

Many hotels offer several different facilities that increase the cost of per night stay. While some of those facilities are essential, many facilities are unnecessary, and you pay for them. For example, many hotels offer air conditioners in cold areas. You don’t need those air conditioning, and you will be paying for them regardless. It is better to make sure you decide the facilities you want beforehand.

You can’t book cheap hotel rooms during peak tourist season. The cost of hotels is tremendously expensive when tourist season or summer vacations are going on. It is better to book your hotel a couple of months earlier to get bookings at low rates.

Tips for Booking Hotels Online

While booking hotels online is simple and easy, there are a few things you need to know and keep in mind before booking. Here are top tips for booking a hotel online:


1. Know Your Booking Site

Knowing your booking site is one of the best ways to get solid deals. Many hotel booking sites specialize in certain destinations, offering great deals to travelers. If you want to stay in that area, it is better to opt for those booking sites to avail the offers. Moreover, booking sites also give special offers on special days or a particular credit card, so you should always keep that in mind.

2. Always Check the Reviews

The best approach to get the perfect accommodation is to learn as much as possible about the hotel. And there’s no better way to find out than to read what other people who stayed in the past have to say. Past experiences of people can point out things you might be neglecting, and they can explain the hotel’s nitty-gritty details. This can help avoid falling for hotels that aren’t suitable for you.

3. Call Hotel Directly

It is a great idea to call the hotel directly to ask for the services and facilities available. Many booking sites display fake information to attract customers to book a hotel and spoil their experience. Confirming about the facilities can make sure you avoid such scams. On the other hand, calling the hotel after a reservation is made to confirm the reservation is also essential to ensure the hotel has booked your rooms.

4. Check for Hidden Fees

While the booking sites do not charge a booking fee, there might be other costs to be aware of, such as cancellation fees and vacation fees, even if the hotel is not a resort. These charges can upset your budget and cause problems later down the road. It is better to inquire about any hidden charges before booking your hotel online.

5. Decide facilities and Budget first

Before looking for hotels for your trip, it is important to determine what facilities are essential and how much budget you have for accommodation. Doing this ensures that you don’t overspend on hotel rooms and pay for facilities you won’t need or use.

Facilities to keep in mind when bookinghotel

While the more you pay, the more facilities you can get. However, every hotel should have some basic amenities so that your trip goes smoothly. Here are some of the facilities that you should look for before you book your hotel:


1. A comfortable bed

A comfortable bed is one of the few things that all travelers look forward to when they check in.

There’s nothing like a large, comfy bed to make you want to relax in your hotel room all day. A substandard bed can result in a bad night’s sleep and ultimately can ruin your next day.

It’s not just the bed but the pillows and blanket, which can make a significant difference. An extra comfy pillow and clean, warm blanket can exponentially improve your sleep.

So, if you are selecting a hotel, reading the feedback about the bed quality is crucial.

2. Attach bathroom

The importance of an attached bathroom in each hotel’s room can’t be stressed enough. Everyone wants a relaxing shower after a long day trip, and if you don’t have an attached bathroom, it can completely ruin the mood.

Any hotel should have shampoo, conditioner, and body wash as an in-room amenity at the very least. You are likely to bring your own dental kit, but to avoid extra luggage at the airport will opt to leave the three items mentioned above at home, expecting them to be provided out in our hotel room bathroom! Reading negative reviews can help pinpoint this area.

3. Air conditioning/ Heater

Traveling to a hot or cold place on your vacation might be a great idea, but you need to make sure the hotel you book doesn’t make this an awful trip.

Air conditioning is important if you are traveling to a hot place. You would want to sit and enjoy the cold air after visiting tourist attractions under the sun. The same is the case with having a heater in a cold place. You don’t want to be shivering in your room!

4. WiFi

With the current digital era, it is impossible to survive without WiFi. Being in touch with the world is essential, even if you are on holiday. You might miss important news, email, meeting, or any other significant update you might regret later.

Before booking a hotel online, make sure you ask them about WiFi.

5. Laundry service

If you intend to stay for a longer period, you need to ensure that the hotel has laundry facilities. You can’t keep wearing dirty clothes for weeks. It’s unhygienic and not comfortable at all.

If the hotel provides a laundry bag, that can definitely make your life easier.

Online hotel booking through Mazebaan

With Mazebaan finding the right hotel for your trip is simple and easy. With hundreds of temporary residences from single rooms to family suites offered in each city in Pakistan, you can book hotels anywhere in Pakistan.

We aim to make the relationship between the host and the visitor as seamless as possible and offer the best residence possible based on ratings and consumer input. Hotels displayed on the website are checked and authenticated.

Since online hotel booking is becoming more and more common, we offer various payment methods other than credit cards or debit cards. People can book rooms anywhere they want to and pay through mobile wallets like EasyPaisa or JazzCash. Our payments are safe and secure with quick transactions. Moreover, our digitilized booking has no hidden charges and free of cost for reservations.

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