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How to Find Single Rooms for Rent?

How to Find Single Rooms for Rent?

On the look-out for single rooms for rent near you? Are you living in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, or anywhere in Pakistan? Don’t worry, is here to make your search easy and smooth. There is a considerable difference between apartment hunting and trying to find yourself a single room for rent. The biggest problem you may face is a bad neighbor or an irresponsible sub-letter. Of course, the best method is to deal with a landlord directly.

The key is being patient as the saying goes, “Good things come to those who wait.” There are a few scenarios you will face while searching for single rooms to rent.

Ø  You find a room immediately, but it won’t be up to your standards despite the cheap rent.

Ø  You find a room instantly, fall in love with it, but the rent is out of your budget limit.

Ø  You keep searching for a room, and eventually, you find a place that not only you love but with an affordable rate.

It takes time to find the perfect room but, in the end, the wait is worth it.

Set Your Budget and Needs

Don’t rush to look for the hottest listings before you set your budget and make a list of your needs. Since you’re looking for a room, it’s quite apparent that your budget is limited. However, you should know your price limits before you start calling landlords and attending tours.

First of all, calculate the exact amount of money that you’ll be ready to spend on your rent every month. This will help you to filter out the pricey listings that may hit your budget too hard. You should do that before you start your search. 

Rooms to Rent: Moving into an Occupied Apartment

In this situation, the landlord is looking for someone to move into an existing apartment. For renters looking for affordable places to live, a shared living set-up is an excellent option for you.

The drawback to this is that you won’t have much of an option with choosing roommates as you are moving into an already occupied apartment. You also will not have much say on how the residence should be decorated as the place has already been marked by existing tenants’ furniture.

Rooms to Rent: Moving into an Unoccupied Apartment

This is an optimal option for the majority of the renters as they get a chance to call dibs on untouched space. Decorate the apartment how you wish and you can even come with roommates of your choice.

How Mazebaan Will Help You

To help you locate the perfect room for you, Mazebaan offers listings on the website and the app where hosts have listed their rooms. On these listings, you can view the rooms, the price and the facilities provided alongside the room. Through these listings you are given options on what type of room would you prefer to stay in, what area do you want the room or apartment to be in, and be able to tell you close to the markets, work destination, etc.

Facts You Should Know Before Renting a Basement Apartment

Basement apartments sound incredibly pleasing on paper: They’re private, cozy little abodes that cost less Money.  However, basement apartments aren’t for everyone despite how ideal and convenient they sound. Before you start searching for “basement apartments for rent near me,” here are a few main characteristics you need to take in.

  1. Bugs, lots of bugs.

This one is a given because the basement is underground where it is nice, dark and cool. Tiny creatures ranging from spiders to millipedes, from cockroaches to rodents like to show up. You can deter them by sealing all the cracks and entrances and get rid of excess moisture.


  1. Moisture May Be an Issue

As basement apartments are underground, they tend to retain more moisture. Unfortunately, more moisture retention also means mold and bugs. You can solve this problem by buying a dehumidifier.


  1. Basement apartments are not ideal for flood-prone areas.

All basements are prone to flooding, but you should especially be careful about renting a basement apartment in areas where excessive rain is received all year round. Always make sure that basement apartments are flood-proof before renting them.


  1.     Basements are More Spacious

Basement apartments are often under single-family homes; it’s possible that you will get more space than the higher ground apartments.


  1.     Basements are Cool in Summers but Cold in Winters

This can be a pro or a con, depending on where you want to live. In summers, heat rises, which means that the basement stays cool during the warmer months. This means that in winter, the basement is colder.


  1.     You’ll Save Money

Not everyone is ready to live in a basement apartment, which means it’ll be cheaper than a typical residence. If there are neighbors upstairs, the landlord might stipulate that you will split the utility bills, which is a bonus!


  1. Private Entrance

Basements often have their private entrances. This may mean that you will only have to climb down one flight of stairs, making the move-in process more comfortable.


  1. Basements Can Make You Feel Claustrophobic

The biggest constructional con is that the ceiling will be lower than average apartments above the ground. Low ceilings and minimal lightning may not be the ideal setting for those who prefer open and bright spaces.

What to do After Viewing a Room or Apartment?

Searching for an apartment or a room can be overwhelming and seem like a whirlwind. From weeding out the listings you like to scheduling viewings, it can become a full-time job-especially if you are doing it on your own. All the more reason to have a little debrief with yourself after each viewing.

  •   Write Down Your Thoughts: After you view a place, take a quick moment to jot down your thoughts. What did you like about it? What didn’t you like? Will your furniture fit? Can you live with the layout? Writing things down will help keep track of the pros and cons of each place.


  •   Act Quickly: Apartments move fast, so you need to make decisions quickly. Did you hate the apartment? Move on, and see more. If you liked it, you need to make a decision. First, get a sense of how likely it is that the apartment will stay on the market. Did it just get listed? Has it been available for days or weeks? Once you gauge the demand for the apartment, make the call and act.


  •   Adjust Expectations: Once you’ve seen some apartments available, be ready to adjust your expectations, especially if you’re new to Islamabad, Lahore or Karachi apartments or rooms. The reality is you may not get 100 percent of what you want. Finding an apartment or a room in the city comes down to managing expectations. Usually, the pain points are due to budget constraints. What you can afford to do will have the most impact on your options.

Last-Minute Move? Tips on How to Move in One Day

Moving in on short notices can be chaotic for some us, especially if the landlord has kicked you out of your rented room and you need to find a place to stay and fast. Chances are on last-minute moves is that you won’t have time to organize everything. Don’t worry about it; you can organize everything once you’ve brought all your belongings into your new room. Here are a few tips to help you get through the moving day:

  •       Be resourceful. If you’re moving in one day, odds are that you haven’t had a chance to buy boxes or bubble wrap. Luckily, lots of items that you already have can serve a dual purpose. Use your bath towels to wrap fragile glassware. Old T-shirts make excellent padding for delicate cosmetics. Suitcases, hampers, and laundry bags can even be used in place of boxes (or garbage bags, as the case may be). There are plenty of ways to use what you already have to facilitate the moving process. Just look around and get creative.


  •   Lighten your load. As you are packing, you will inevitably encounter some items that you can live without. Things that you either don’t have use for anymore or have been planning to replace anyway. Instead of lugging that stack of old books with you, make someone’s day by leaving them on the curb. Better yet, schedule a same-day pickup to donate old clothing to charity. 


  •   Recruit friends. More bodies equal more hands, which equals fewer trips up and down the stairs of your walk-up. Plus, friends can provide much-needed moral support to help get you through the day. 


  •   Pack an overnight bag. The last thing you need is to pack your entire life into garbage bags only to realize that the shirt you need for work the next day is nestled somewhere at the bottom. Make sure to pack a small bag with all of the essentials: toothbrush, pajamas, clean undies, and one or two outfits that will get you through the next few hectic days. You might also want to include valuable items, like your passport, laptop, and car keys to prevent them from getting lost in the fray.


  •   Hire a man with a van. For help moving your larger items, you’re going to need some wheels and some manpower. Of course, make sure you’re safe (another reason to recruit friends) and also that the person you hire is legit.

Smooth Sailing with Mazebaan is here to make your experience worthwhile. By using the website or app, you gain access to listings in different cities in different neighborhoods. Contact numbers are provided with each rent post so that you may ask any further questions about the room from the host. You may even schedule a viewing of the room beforehand, get an idea of what you will need. You even have the opportunity of convincing the host to lower the rent further if you see any repairs that need to be made or any of the facilities that are missing from the pictures given in the post on the website or app. You may not find the right room or apartment immediately but don’t worry; it’s out there. That’s why has been created to make your renting experience as smooth as possible. 

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