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How to Find Comfortable Small Homes for Rent Near Me?

How to Find Comfortable Small Homes for Rent Near Me?

Finding comfortable small to rent takes time and effort, which is where steps in and helps you to find the solution to your problems. Renting small homes or houses may be just what you need. If you are one of those people who are always on the go or who prefer to live alone and need a place to rest and relax, small houses or apartments are for you.

Driving around in many neighborhoods, old or new, you often mostly see the same thing: street after street with colossal houses. Most of these houses are next to the markaz, diplomatic residence areas, towns, etc. The majority of these houses and homes have small families living in them with each person in a different room, limiting their interaction. In Pakistan, almost everyone wants to build and live in a big house. But sometimes big houses are not what you want. Sure, they are beautiful but living in small homes and houses has its own adventure.

Searching for small homes to rent is a lot easier in Pakistan than most people think. You can find all types of houses in different areas, but you need to be sure that the area first has what you need and second, it is secure When people in Pakistan think of small homes or houses, they think of neighborhoods or areas that are already congested with so many people. This is not always the case. You can find comfortable small homes to rent in areas such as Bahria Town in Lahore, Karachi or Islamabad, or in Johar Town and Lahore Cantt in Lahore.

Finding small homes to rent while traveling to different cities is a good idea. You are outside the majority of your day and when you come back home, all you want to do is enjoy the quiet and rest. Whether you love them or hate them, small apartments and houses have gained a lot of attraction in recent years. These small abodes present the perfect solution to the explosive urban growth that results in an increased demand for housing in some of the larger cities in Pakistan. Small spaces also have an eco-friendly appeal, offer efficient land use and decreased energy consumption.



Living in a small home has plenty of pros and cons. But it depends on who you ask—what I might consider a con may be a pro for you. Here are some general traits that suggest why living in a small apartment or home could be ideal for you:

  1. You want to live alone.
    Some people don’t mind sharing a small home with roommates, friends or family. But it’s nice to have your own private sanctuary away from everyone else so you can relax and enjoy the peace
  2. You embrace a minimalist lifestyle.
    If you’re looking to downsize, a small home to rent will definitely be conducive to that end. A major benefit of living small for many is that it forces you to be selective about your belongings (and keeps you from being a hoarder).
  3. You just need a place to sleep (you’re not home much).
    When you’re out more often than you’re in, a small home suits your needs for the essentials—a place to sleep, shower, eat, and store your stuff. You’ll also pay less in utilities when you rent a small home since there will be less space to heat and cool, fewer outlets, and minimal appliances.
  4. Your location is what’s most important.
    If living in the center of a vibrant city is your heart’s truest desire, you’ll most likely want to explore all that the city has to offer. You probably won’t want to stay cooped up in your tiny home when you know what’s right outside. Small apartments are also abundant in major cities, so you’ll have no trouble finding one.


Benefits of Renting Small Homes

Electricity bills and living costs are constantly on the rise. Living in small homes also means affordability. For many people, this is one of the features that is appealing in living in small homes. Renting small homes has many advantages.

  1. More Energy Efficient

Small homes are more energy efficient because there is less area to heat and cool. This means that small homes are environmentally friendly as they have a lower ecological footprint.


  1. Less Cleaning and Maintenance Required

Fewer rooms mean less time spent on cleaning and home maintenance.


  1. Cozy and Intimate

When renting small homes, you should know that small homes have small rooms. Small rooms aren’t a bad feature since each room gives a feeling of coziness and intimacy that many of the larger homes lack.

Ideas on how to make Small Homes or Apartments feel More Spacious

You may have many questions about moving in small homes and apartments.. Will all your belongings fit? Is it going to feel cluttered and too small?  It doesn’t have to! Try some of these expert decorating ideas to open up your small space with thoughtfully placed furniture and decorating accessories. 


  1.           Use a large area rug to define a space. A beautiful rug can transform your room. Not only are they great for covering linoleum, vinyl floors, and other unsightly floors they can also hide stained carpets. Make sure it’s large enough that your furniture feet (at least the front) can sit on it. 

If your rental is carpeted, don’t be afraid to layer a rug on top!  It will add interest and style.


  1.           Repurpose old or thrifted furniture to fit in your new rental. A quick coat of paint or new hardware can do wonders for a furniture facelift. Try using your bedside tables in the living room, or a dining chair in the sitting room. You may find that you love the new arrangement.  If all of your furniture is dark, try painting a few of them in a light gray or white.

When looking for new furniture, find pieces with exposed legs and clean lines.  Shop for open shelf bookcases, and acrylic or glass coffee tables.  Avoid skirted and oversized sofas and sets of furniture. Move furniture away from walls to create cozy seating arrangements.


    III.            Use proper lighting and a few extra decorating tips to keep the space open and light.  Place tabletops and floor lamps around seating and beds. Avoid placing any furniture in front of a window to keep as much natural light as possible. Hang or display a mirror or two to reflect light. Make sure you’re using good light bulbs. 


  1.           Add in personality with accessories to keep the eye moving around the room. Layer textiles in each room with throw pillows and blankets on seating and beds.  Hang prints, family pictures, and other wall art with white matting and frames, metallic frames, or thin darker frames to keep the wall from getting too heavy.  Place books, plants, and decor items on your surfaces in small groupings.


  1.           But, how do you host a gathering for your friends or family in such a small home? Yes, it can be difficult to host for friends and family in such limited space but it’s not impossible. Hosting gatherings in a limited area is all about strategy and careful use of furniture. When renting small homes, you can either get a furnished house or buy furniture that has storage features in them. Using those storage features you can hide some of your stuff in the furniture. Also placing your furniture in such a way that the home doesn’t feel too narrow and cluttered.

Don’t think that when you’re looking for a small home to rent that the space isn’t enough, the space is enough and it’s yours. You can do anything with your space, you can keep on changing the style of your house so that it lifts your mood, repaint the walls with vibrant colors that not only make the room feel more open but also lift your mood once you walk in through that door of yours. Just remember that no matter how big or small the space is going to be, it is YOUR SPACE. Everyone needs their own space, it doesn’t matter if you love going out all the time or not.

If the above points ring true for you, congratulations! Living in a small apartment could be your dream situation! While you’re searching, be sure to look out for small apartments with built-in storage solutions – less you will have to buy, a refrigerator door that opens comfortably, enough counter space for your coffee maker, and tall ceilings are nice to have (they make the space feel bigger).

Don’t judge small houses on their size, as they say, “Good things come in small packages.” You never know, you might just fall in love with your house.

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