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How can I get a 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom flat on sharing basis near me?

How can I get a 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom flat on sharing basis near me?

flat on a sharing basis. If you’re on a tight budget or a single person in Pakistan looking for a flat on a sharing basis in order to save money, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for a 1-bedroom flat or a 2 bedroom flat to share, or a small house to rent, finding shared accommodation in Pakistan can be tricky.

People traveling in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi or anywhere in Pakistan often have the question, ‘How can I get a 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom flat on sharing basis near me? Recently, despite the increasing trend of people traveling to different cities for work, events, and meeting family and friends, affordable and compact flat-sharing still hasn’t become a thing. 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom flats are hardly available at cheap prices. And the ones that are cheap are in very shoddy conditions too.

Therefore, we created the service Through the app or website, you can book 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom flats or even more at highly affordable rates for when you’re traveling to any city. You can even share the room with your friends/family or whoever you travel with.  The best thing is that you can book your flat on a sharing basis in advance, so you will not have to arrive there tired and end up haggling with the owner for prices.

Choosing a partner for getting a flat on a sharing basis:

It’s important to note that when you are looking for shared accommodation, it’s really important who you are flat-sharing with. Choose the wrong partner and he or she can make your life hell! But choose the right partner and you will realize your decision to get a flat on sharing basis was actually a good one. Finding the right roommate is also important because it’s easy to underestimate how much our living situation will affect us — until we’re in a difficult one.

Here are some of the most important things to look for whilst flat-sharing. You will need someone who is:

  1. Easy to talk to
    Often when you travel to a distant city and book a random 1 bedroom flat, you may have difficulty communicating with the hotel or room manager there. They might speak a different dialect of Punjabi, making it difficult for you to understand. They might not be forthcoming or honest about their rates. Or you may just want some good conversationalist to teach you about the best places in the city, but they’ll not be interested.
    Having someone around who is similar to you and is easy to talk to will definitely make your life a lot easier. Using, you can pick the type of person or family you want to share accommodation with, making the whole process a lot easier.
  2. Drama-free
    Sometimes even when I find a good place for flat sharing near me, the owner makes the stay rather unpleasant. In Pakistan, flat and room managers have the habit of charging you based on how much they believe you can pay them. This causes unnecessary haggling. Sometimes flat-sharing owners There have even been reports of hotel managers inconveniencing married couples and asking them to show nikaah-namas. Often they tell you one price when you’re checking in for flat sharing, but when they make the total bill, they charge you extra for little items that should have been part of the deal. Splitting the bill with your flat-mate can also become an issue.
  3. Someone with boundaries

Sometimes Pakistanis just don’t know the meaning of ‘personal space.’ It’s still bearable when we face this issue from our parents or close family, but when looking for accommodation to share, the problem just becomes unbearable. You wouldn’t want the owner of your 1-bedroom flat being nosy, asking uncomfortable questions, or entering without knocking. Thankfully, Mazebaan has a rating system where you can check the rating of the particular house that you want to rent. You can read reviews of other enters and see details of things like the owner’s personality, hospitality, and regard for space, enabling you to pick the kind of accommodation that suits your taste.

Finding a partner with the above characteristics for traveling in Pakistan will make your stay and experience with flat sharing incredibly pleasant. If your host has a great personality, they will be able to guide you about the best spots in town and places to avoid. 

Try using to compare and contrast different locations, prices, facilities, and hosts to find your ideal shared accommodation in any city that you travel to today!

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