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At an area of 960 sq km, Islamabad is one of the best cities to live in Pakistan. In fact, Islamabad is ranked as the second most beautiful capital in the world. The city has preserved forestation and instilled greenbelts throughout. Islamabad is located at the foot of Margalla Hills and on the edge of the Potohar Plateau. Its surrounding areas comprise Murree, Haripur, Taxila, Attock, Wah Cantt, and Rawalpindi.

Although Islamabad is considered a ‘sleepy’ city, it has much more to offer than what is expected. Be sure to take an umbrella, because Islamabad’s weather is unpredictable, and the last thing you would want is to be drenched in a heavy rainstorm. And if you belong to the Southern areas of the country, you may want to pack all our sweaters and jumpers, because the rain brings air so cool you might think you are in Murree.

Islamabad is a very posh city with the majority of residents belonging to the Middle or Upper class. Islamabad is also free of chaos and commotion. This is partly because the entry of Rickshaws is banned in Islamabad, so if you have trouble commuting, make sure to keep a lookout for Metro stations and taxi stops.

1. The History:

The name ‘Islamabad’ was derived from the words ‘Islam’ and ‘Abad’ which translates to ‘City of peace’.

Islamabad was built as a planned city in the 1960s to serve as the capital due to its strategic location. This is also because Islamabad is accessible from all parts of the country and ensures good central control and management.

The mastermind behind Islamabad’s construction was Greek architect, Constantinos Apostolou Doxiadis.

Islamabad is actually divided into 8 zones:

  1. Administrative
  2. Diplomatic Enclave
  3. Residential Areas
  4. Educational Sectors
  5. Industrial Sectors
  6. Commercial Sectors
  7. Rural Areas
  8. Green Areas

Islamabad also has a variety of ancient civilizations, mainly; Aryan, Soanian, and Indus Valley civilization. This also greatly contributes to the diverse history and culture of Islamabad and historical sites have been preserved.

Preserved sites include Said Pur Village, Shah Allah Ditta Caves, the shrine of Pir Meher Ali Shah, and the Shrine of Bari Iman which was built by the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb.

2. Islamabad Attractions:

a. Faisal Masjid:

In 1966, King Faisal bin Abdul-Aziz of Saudi Arabia had appreciated the initiative taken by the Pakistani government to build a national mosque. He had supported this stance by providing a $28 million grant which is equivalent to $120 million today. An international competition had attracted architects from all over the world and the winner was to be chosen as the architect for the mosque’s design. Turkish architect, Vidat Dalokoy, has won this competition and the mosque was constructed. The mosque was named in honor of King Faisal, who had passed away after a successful assassination attempt. For about 7 years, from 1986 – 1993, Faisal Masjid had reigned as the largest mosque in the world. Currently, it stands as the fifth largest mosque with the capacity to hold 300,000 worshippers.

b. Said Pur Village:

Said Pur Village is a historical site that is preserved due to its importance in Hinduism. Several temples built there by the Hindus have been preserved. This is because it is believed that the Hindu God ‘Rama’ had lived there, and the festival of ‘Ram Kund’ is celebrated there each year in his remembrance. Said Pur Village also contains the preserved ‘Gurdwara’ that was built by the Sikhs in the 20th century.

c. Shakarparian:

Shakarparian is a popular location in Islamabad which houses the Pakistan monument. Shakarparian is also included in the list of the most beautiful places in Islamabad you must visit. The Pakistan monument was constructed to symbolize unity amongst Pakistanis. Its construction and design are based on the concept of Mughal architecture. Shakarparian also hosts the Pakistan Monument Museum which provides a modern reference to the history of Pakistan. It has also instilled the concepts of Visual archives and audio archives to give a modern outlook to the museum. This has attracted over 1000 visitors per day and half a million for the year.

d. Fatima Jinnah Park:

Fatima Jinnah Park, also known as F-9 Park, is one of the biggest public sector parks in Islamabad, which covers an area of 750 acres; the entire F-9 sector. It is given an honorary name after Fatima Jinnah and was established in 1992. The park is visited largely by the locals who spend their weekends there often with their families. The park is often crowded with children, who tend to make use of the grounds by playing a variety of sports, e.g football, cricket. The park is also known for being the most popular attraction in Islamabad. The park also hosts a variety of monuments and play places that are often crowded with parents and their children. If you happen to stop by on the weekend, you might get to witness a live wedding photoshoot. Be careful to not stare, as this might cause them discomfort.

e. Margalla Hills:

At an elevation of about 1600 m, Margalla Hills cannot be missed. During your stay, you may have driven over Faisal Avenue which has the power to enchant any traveler, new or old. With greenbelts to your sides, the white peak of Faisal Mosque to the front, and Margalla Hills peeking under the cloudy sky, you shall be spellbound. And if you haven’t already noticed, Islamabad has the best climate in the country (and the best view). Get your camera ready and make sure to get good snapshots, because this area is picturesque enough to be showcased in movies. Besides being home to nature fanatics, Margalla Hills are also home to a various range of species of plants and animals. Many of the plants found have been known to have medicinal uses and benefits. As for the animals, the range and variety are such that no local destination can compete. Perhaps this is also why lots of birdwatchers can be found here and most importantly if you have a knack for hiking, then this is the perfect place for you. Trail 2, 3, or 5, this hill has tracks befitting the perfect level of challenge for everyone. After a tiring journey, you may stop at the top and enjoy an exclusive dine-in experience at the hilltop restaurant, The Monal. Although pricey, the Monal’s ambiance is unbeatable. Find yourself jamming to live music and the alluring view.

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