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Best lodging service in Swat

Best lodging service in Swat

If you’re anyone like me, you’ll find summers in the country unbearably hot. And you might have gotten the grand idea of taking your family, in some cases your extended family (Yikes), to the northern areas.

And what if the destination you choose is Swat? What should you know about Swat?

1. History:

Swat is known as the Switzerland of Pakistan. Originally Swat was named Udyana and later Suvastu. Swat was a peaceful valley up until Mahmud of Ghazni conquered it and hence the game of politics had an impact on Swat. With time the valley’s ruler passed down Swat as inheritance until the Yusufzai’s captured Swat and to this day the Yusufzais make up a large proportion of Swat.

2. Food

Swat largely implements Pashtun and Afghan cuisine (which are about the same). Food in Swat tends to be less spicy but more flavorful. A variety of herbs are added to the food to make it rich in flavor. One of the most famous dishes in Swat is the Trout fish especially since it is a rare breed of fish that is found in freshwater only.

3. Visiting places in Swat:

Rich in natural beauty, there is no such place in Swat that one doesn’t tend to like.

Although there are a few places you might not want to miss and must-visit:

   1. Malam Jabba:

The Malam Jabba’s ski resort has a ski slope of 800 m, and you might feel like you’re touching the sky. In winters, you might experience snowfalls (a magnificent experience should you be on a chairlift). This resort is the perfect place for families, with activities like ice skating, chairlifts, skiing, etc.

   2. Kalam valley:

No tourist who visits Swat skips Kalam. A valley rich in greenery, mountains, and glaciers, Kalam is always a hotspot for visitors. You might want to take your pair of joggers because to see that icy glacier, you will have to endure a 10-minute hike and mind it those glaciers can be slippery.

 3. Mahodand Lake:

If you are looking for a rocky adventure, Mahodand lake is the right place for you. If you do not have a 4×4 wheeler car, you will have to rent one.

The tall trees, breezy air, and the thrill and the speed will give you all the adrenaline you need on this trip.

  4. Buddhist stupas:

At some point, Swat had around 1400 stupas and historical artifacts. This is because during some point in history, the majority of the residents comprised of Buddhists. Although most of them have been demolished due to low importance, a few major ones have been preserved. These include:

5. The Shankardar Stupa:

This lies between Barikot and Saidu Sharif. According to historical facts, this stupa was built in the 3rd or 4th century.

6. The Butkara stupa:

This stupa is situated in Mingora and had acted as a Chinese Buddhist pilgrims center.

7. The Gumbat stupa:

Situated in Kandag valley, this stupa ranks the highest in terms of preservation.

8. Bahrain:

The word ‘Bahrain’ means two rivers. The two rivers, Daral and Swat, are connected here and give Bahrain its nature-loving touch. Bahrain is also known for providing the best residence at reasonable rates. Bahrain also has a good infrastructure, with buildings and mosques surrounding the vicinity.


Now, although the northern areas are known for their mountainous and rich climate, a lot of us may often end choosing the wrong residences for us, and on spot hotel bookings are met with replies of ‘We are fully booked’. This may cause you to book a 2 person room for 5 people or a 4 person bedroom for 2 in the Swat and Kalam hotels!

Technological advancements are slower in the northern regions and with no proper platform for hotel booking to refer to, may it be for the hotels in Swat Mingora, the hotels in Kalam, or even the guest houses in Kalam, you have to rely on the exterior of the hotel, the price, and persuasiveness of the street marketer. This also means that there is a lot of fluctuation and flexibility in the hotel booking industry, and although you may have entered a hotel being told Rs. 3000 for a night, be mentally prepared to be charged more the next time you visit the same Swat or Kalam hotels. You might also compromise on the size of the rooms because of the dark hour of the night, and morning plans to change one’s hotel rooms are met with the problems of shifting your overflowing luggage.

But times have Changed and Mezban has made local hotel bookings easy for you. With a few clicks, Mezban displays all the accommodation options that you can avail of, and gone were the days when you would pick random hotels on a fluke. Through Mazebaan you can now view how your room looks before booking it because we know how much your trip means to you.

But how?

Simply log on to, enter the location of your stay, the dates you wish to book for, and the number of people staying.

Our exquisite database will retrieve the data of all residences available in your selected destination. And with a range of tabs, you can also click on the overview and get a list of the facilities and amenities provided by the residence.

But how do you figure out which residence is the most suitable for you?

Ask yourself a few questions first:

  • Do I have a car? Do I need car parking?

If you do have a car, you may want to pick a residence with car parking. Residences with car parking have it mentioned.

  • How many beds do I need?

Along with the price, the number of beds and the maximum capacity of is listed.

  • What facilities do I require?

Should you want a room with wifi, you must make sure the room you have selected provides it. Make sure to take a quick look at the facilities provided, i.e dining hall, playground, etc.

  • The price:

For a good comparison, make sure to compare the prices of different residences. You may also filter out the prices based on your selection.

  • Reviews:

At Mezban, only relevant customers, who have previously stayed at that residence, can leave a review. This ensures the authenticity of the review. Reviews may also help you find out information that you otherwise would not have.

With Mezban, you need not worry about your journey and hotel booking anymore, because we ensure that you have a carefree journey along with the best discounts on hotel booking to make your stay not only in the hotels of Swat Kalam, the hotels of Swat Mingora, the forest valley cottages Kalam, the guest houses in Kalam or in other places to stay near Swat easy and comfortable but also a lot hustle free and convenient.

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